26 Jul 2017

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How to do Facebook Lead Generation Ad Campaign?


With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp, Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn and Google acquiring Double Click, marketers are always looking at the best customer data backed with analytics to run their ad campaigns. If youre looking at plain lead generation Ads with a regulated ad budget, we believe Google or Facebook is the way to go.

Even though Google is the preferred destination to make any decision, when it comes to direct customer interaction/data, Facebook has an edge compared to Google. And Google knows that with Google+ and ads driven Gmail platform, but Facebook is customer data rich. So, we are talking about how to do the perfect Lead Generation Ads with Facebook.

Step 1- Open Create Ads

Open your Facebook account where you have your company profile, and click on the Create Adverts to open the Facebook Ads Manager console.

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Step 2- Select Ad Type

Facebook has 3 different ways to promote your business.

á            Awareness : For businesses focused on branding promotions.

á            Consideration : Mostly for business looking into direct responses : traffic to website, application install, lead generation and more.

á            Conversions : For ecommerce businesses with complex re-targeting ads.

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Step 3- Understanding and Naming the Campaign

Facebook Adverts has three parts to it : Campaign Level, Ad Set Level and Ad (Adverts) Level.

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á            Campaign Level : This is the umbrella for all your ads, a campaign is your marketing objective : What is your ad type?.

á            Ad Set Level : Ad Set is where your targeting options, interest categories, placements (Facebook / Instagram), budgeting, and more. A campaign can have multiple Ad Sets depending upon your targeting needs and budget.

á            Advert Level : The Advert will have your ad images and ad copies (content), along with your conversion parameters. Whether youre looking to take the visitors to a landing page, or a Facebook internal form to collect user data.

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Step 4- Create your Ad Set

á            Your Ad Set carries all your targeting options.

á            Name your Ad Set

á            Accept the terms

á            Select your audience

á            Location (when you select your location make sure you select on current city, or if you drop a pin make sure you select 1km proximity to get your targeting options right.

/Users/mohamedyasir/Desktop/facebook location targeting.png

á            Select interests category to keep your targeting option more specific to a particular audience. (For example: if you select interests as cooking your ads will run for people who are interested in cooking, people who like cooking shows, people who like recipe sites and more)


á            Specify your budget options : Daily budget or Life Time Budget


/Users/mohamedyasir/Desktop/facebook ad budgets.png

Step 5- Create your Advert

á            Your Advert carries your Ad copy information.

á            Select your Ad format (single image / scrollable image / video)

If you have an image, make sure you have less text in the image for more reach (check your image in Facebook Text Overlay

/Users/mohamedyasir/Desktop/facbook lead generation ad copy writing.png

á            Once you create Ad Copy, you will have to provide a landing page or a Facebook Lead Generation Form. If you select Facebooks lead generation form, add relevant fields to collect customer information.


á            Finally place your order

/Users/mohamedyasir/Desktop/facebook form.png

Facebook lead generation can be promising for businesses who want to showcase a product / service. Sometimes, even though the leads are authentic the conversions might not be the same compared to Google Ads, where people are actually searching for that particular product or services online.

To keep your cost-per-lead spent low make sure your Ads are interactive. This will enable visitors to engage with the ad which will increase your relevance score (Facebook gives a score out of 10, better the score the lesser the cost-per-lead).

Good luck with your Facebook lead generation campaign!