13 Apr 2016

5 Collective ways for off page SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO simply means techniques that are used to make your web page turn up at the top of a search engine (Google, Yahoo,Bing etc) result list, when someone searches on the net on a topic relating to your website. In other words SEO is the use of methods to rank high on search engine lists. Obviously, the higher the ranking of your website in the search engine the greater the traffic to your page.

SEO techniques can be put into two broad categories namely; Online SEO and Off page SEO.

Online SEO or On-page SEO are methods you use on your website or page to increase its search engine ranking. These include, keywords, page title, internal linking between webpages, meta tags and descriptions etc.

However your webpage ranking unfortunately does not just rely on the construction of your webpage or website alone. Good website architecture (hierarchy and page linking within the website), and researched use of keywords etc. alone does not suffice. Off page SEO goes a long way in increasing your webpage’s ranking.

Google’s google bot, and other ‘web crawlers’ are programs, which work to find out how well your webpage is linked on the internet. In general, your website’s ranking increases based on the number of reputable external sites and pages that link to your website. This link building is like building your social network. The higher the number of individuals of good social reputation you know, the higher your social status rises. The external sites linking to your site should have regular, fresh, relevant, content updates and should themselves be well connected or linked on the net. Anything that you do outside of your website defines Off Page SEO.

Here are some ways of doing off page SEO.

  1. Social Media Networking Sites

Sign into a social media networking site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc. and create a page that links to your website. Invite your network of friends and associates on these sites to like your social media page. Welcome interaction and feedback. Add creative incentives for friends to share your page on their own page. This way your business builds a reputation on the internet.

  1. Blogging

Blog entries are crawled and indexed by search engines much faster than your website. Therefore writing blogs regularly for your site helps keep your website ‘alive’. Also, any new page on your website can be ‘highlighted’ by writing a blog about the content on that page and linking it to the new page. This will keep them ranking your site higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

  1. The content should be interesting including pictures, infographics and tutorials.
  1. Your blog should be clear and to the point. It should also be well structured.
  1. Blogs should be submitted to niche blog directories, articles to quality article directories and press releases to services that offer SEO and distribution.


Also introduce your new blog content through a social media status update.

  1. Comment on other blogs

If other blogs allow it, post comments on those other blogs, that are in the same category or specialty as you, with links to your blog.

  1. Submit your website to search engine

Search engine submission helps to quicken the process of a search engine finding you and listing you.

  1. Online forums in your niche

Become a part of online forums that have discussions in your niche. Be proactive in participating and answering questions on the forum and be sure to include a link to your website within your signature.


These are some of the off page SEO techniques you can use to improve your webpage rating. However this field of web ranking is ever evolving and one has to keep well informed and constantly working at it to develop and maintain their online status.

Many companies, and businesses resort to outsourcing this work as it is a committed effort in itself.

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