13 Apr 2016

Digital Marketing for Startup

Digital Marketing tips for Start-ups

With the advance of technology and the advent of the web it is imperative to have a web presence whether you are a start up or a flourishing multinational business. It enables the business or entrepreneur to reach people worldwide, and network with business providers and collaborators like never before.
This makes the stream of digital marketing an emerging and lucrative career option.

Digital Marketing very simply put means marketing your business online and through any kind of electronic media.
It is a vast platform, which is ever evolving.

What are the various areas that define Digital Marketing?

  • Understanding how the web works and how to optimize it to create the right image and visibility for your brand.
  • Knowing how people interact with digital media.
  • Understanding habits of people using digital devices.
  • Understanding how to finally make a sale/profit for your brand using the internet or other digital technology.
  • Digital Marketing includes not only computer technology but also all other digital technology such as mobile phones, tabs etc.
  • Digital Marketing also comprises of a study and analysis of;
    a. How often your brand is being viewed.
    b.How long your brand is being viewed
    c.How often the viewing of your brand becomes a sale
    d. What sort of content works and what does not.

How does a business reach out to prospective customers and partners on the internet?

  • Search Engines (eg. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft)
  • Social Media such as facebook, twitter, blogs, instagram
  • Emails
  • Website

Search Engines

Since most people enter the web using a search engine, knowing how it works and knowing how to make oneself visible through a search engine is paramount. Through search engine marketing you can create a brand presence, or make a sale, or get a customer lead that can later be closed through direct marketing channels.

Knowing all options that are possible for branding and marketing through search engines is necessary to be a good promoter for a company.

There are 5 strategies for search engine marketing.

Companies that use SEO and PPC are the highest.

Facebook and other Social Media Marketing

One must understand the complex dynamics of people interaction on social media. People interact with a brand while on social media either by seeing an advertisement, or Facebook page, or a picture etc. and they comment on the product or share or give feedback to other friends and relatives. Cashing in on this social presence is a part of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Giving a consumer an option to receive emails about the product, discounts, offers and events. They must be relevant and interesting and motivate the consumer to go to the business website or buy.


Building a websitewith a logical hierarchy in its navigation based on the goal of the website is an important skill to acquire. Website can be of HTML, PHP or Wordpress depending on our interest.

Mobile Media

Since most of our population spends more time on mobile phones than on desktops and computers one must learn how to adapt ads, webpages and social media images to the mobile phone.
Many companies have a mobile app for purchase of product and that too falls under the purview of digital marketing.

To be an expert in the field of digital marketing one must have knowledge on how to bring together a campaign on all platforms simultaneously. Knowing how to link email to facebook, instagram, tweeter and your web page.

Digital Marketing is a huge and exciting field that is progressing fast. Companies are forever on a quest to find skilled digital media personnel to help grow their business. This is the only way businesses can stay ahead of their competition.

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