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Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with hands-on industry experience trying to bridge the gap between education and working knowledge. Our parent company Benfy Consulting Services offer sophisticated digital marketing solutions to global and local clients. Our real-time experience helps us create an industry-relevant training to the wannabe job seekers and professionals seeking career growth.

What We Do

Awesome Success with Student

We develop courses for on-demand skills in the job market. The courses are designed by industry experts with futuristic curriculum and real-time training. Through our intensive sessions, we impart confidence and thorough industry-standard knowledge that helps you have a successful career. We make a real difference in your work life.

What Makes Us Different?

One simplified Structure to make you a domain expert!

Bringing in Industry Experts

With over 30 courses designed by top analysts, we are here to make you industrially relevant in the field of - Digital Marketing, Design, Animation and Development. We also understand investing time and money on a career path is a tough decision - come visit us for a free 2-hour session on any of the course that you are willing pursue and talk to our Analysts who would take the course about their experience and the career growth.

Simplified Structure

No more complex pricing strategies that increases based on the domain strength. We are transparent in the pricing and placement offerings, understand the course better so decide whether you that would be a good fit for your career. We can guarantee that our course structure and pricing is far more competitive that our industry friends. Feel free to do compare us to the rest in the course department.

Real Time Projects

When we say "real time projects" we mean it! Thinkhin.com comes from a renowned Marketing Agency - Benfy Solutions which has a wide range clientele from India, APAC and the Middle East region. Consider our real-time case studies, and once you have learned the trade - get into the real-time game with new projects given exclusively to you. We make sure you can sufficient exposure to get placed in the relevant field.

Community Driven

Thinkhin.com brings Marketers, Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Industry Professionals and Creative Wizards to build networks and brings in the latest advances in the field for you. Anytime walk in our center, and get access to the latest updates in the courses that you have enrolled anytime!